Friday, February 17

Farewell Bob Loblaw, We Hardly Knew Ye... the slugger for this post over at Pajiba. It's amusing to read comments lamenting Arrested Development and vexing about the Olympics in the same sentence.

Of course, I watched the AR finale. Despite the fact that I LOVE the Olympics. But Opening Ceramony v. Ending of Funniest Sitcom on TV is no contest.

I must agree with Mr. Freilich that the episodes were geared toward the regular viewers. But you know what? Fuck everyone else! A bunch of Johnny-come-latelies don't deserve the inside track.

And as far as Bryant Gumble is concerned- how does the saying go- Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one. He just happens to have a platform for his asshole.

But, whatev. I let my husband know that for the next two weeks, the only thing on our TV will be the winter games. So he, like the rest of the viewing public, has a choice. Either sit on the couch and watch, or not. That's all. It's junk food for the brain. To try to make more of it -is ridonkulous.


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