Thursday, January 13

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly revisited

Good: Getting a 9% bonus check next week. After State and Federal taxes, I'll take home a little more than half (Thanks, Uncle Sam). So I decided to blow it all on a bed.

Bad: Like nasty. As in, "Oh, you bad boy!" Speaking of blow: Twice in two weeks on the bus ride home, the guy in front of me had his knob gobbed (different guys, same act). Both times, I was on the phone; not paying any attention until we were about to stop. The lights go on, her head comes up, and the coat's in his lap. I'm all for public sex- but that's pretty bold. It's like seven o'clock and the bus is full of commuters. Am I the only one noticing?! Or am I the only one that wants to notice?

Ugly: While waiting for the bus this morning, the two ghetto bitches standing next to me are yappin about the latest pro-athlete rape accusation. One says, "Ain't no one gonna admit to raping a white woman!" The other one looks dead at me and retorts, "Anything that has to do with a black man or black woman is gonna come out because THEY to keep us down."

Oooookay. First of all, it has nothing to do with black or white. It's about careless people doing foolish things. Secondly, this is not 1956. Only you keeps you down. And third of all.....

No. Fuck that. I'm so sick of ignorant people crying racism while guilty of it themselves! Just because my skin is lighter than yours doesn't mean I have anything to do with the Anglo-Saxons. My Grandparents stepped off the boat from Italy. They worked hard so their progeny wouldn't have to. I went through the same public school system as you. I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food on the table and a good paying job; so I'm doing alright. What's your fucking excuse?!