Thursday, March 23

Ted, Just Admit It

Over at The Stranger, there's an interesting article about a man recently convicted of murder. He acted as his own attorney and this is part of his closing argument:

We all bleed the same blood. We all cry the same tears. We all urinate the same urine. We all poop the same poop."


Wait, it gets better- this is what he said of his accomplice-

"I said we'd have sophisticated times together. I wanted to eat her booty, suck her booty, suck her toes, eat her pussy—so I was real articulate."

Speaking of insane (SOUTH PARK SPOILERS AHEAD)

That had a parade infront of it, right? Except for the Darth Vader thing. My husband doesn't think it was a particularly funny episode, especially if you weren't caught up on the inside story. I had heard that L. Ron was caught with young boys, and was going to put it in a past post, but couldn't find anything on the web to back it up. Obviously Trey and Matt heard the same thing. The ending was great- how they will remember Chef for all the laughter and not about the fruity little club that scrambled his brain. Fabulous!


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