Friday, August 1

How can a Tootoo help my business?

So what does resting in the Tootoo mean? And what has it got to do with business, B2B, and all that jazz?

Well, Tootoo's name comes from the ancient Chinese name for the small natural bays found near the source of the great Yangtze River, often used by trading ships as places of rest. Okay, a tiny connection to trade - even international trade - but what has it got to do with B2B vertical search engines, like Here comes a list!

◇The waters of tootoos are pure, being at the source of the Yangtze, where melting snowcaps invigorate the surrounding land., like the water at the source of the Yangtze, is a symbol of vigor and also purity, filtering the dirt from the clean water as it begins it journey.

◇ The tootoo's of the Yangtze were places where the merchants of old began their journey, before travelling the many tributaries and waterways of the Yangtze basin. is also a gateway to Chinese trade, and more, the networks of our community platform reach around the world.

◇Just as the tootoo's of the Yangtze contribute towards making China's longest river, believes in contributing towards empowering global trade. From small acorns, might oaks grow – and one step at a time strives to make your business, as a buyer or a seller, grow.

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