Wednesday, July 30

Journey from introspection to international trade

So, yeah.... it's been a while! And what's happened to your Marietta in that time? Well, for one thing you can see I'm posting under a new name -- Ti'en Tze -- wha' the..!?

Well, Ti'en Tze means gift from Heaven, and I believe that my life in the past few years is a gift from Heaven too. This is the journey I want to share with you.

The journey ended with, a little something that meets the business requirements you need. I will go more into what Tootoo can do for you in future posts. That B2B website is the destination, and for those enlightened enough in trade practices you can go straight there now without reading further.

For the rest, the majority, please follow me on a journey from introspective ramblings (see ALL previous posts) to international trade, forging links with suppliers and manufacturers - bridging national boundaries, and transcending the fundamental "otherness" that separates people. Yes, trade brings people closer together.

I know this, because I lived it. Please keep tuned.

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