Tuesday, December 28

Whew! Whatta month!

Inspired by song, I joined Menudo for a while but they booted me when they found out I wasn't a 13 year old Mexican boy. And couldn't pull off Capezios.

But the stress of the tour degenerated my immune system- so acute Bronchitis had a hold of me for a bit.

Now, fresh on my feet (and well versed about lesbian nuns breaking the silence), the past week is all about packing up all my stuff and moving into my man's place. Friday is the deadline. About half way done. Yipes. That's mostly due to the time consuming task of de-felining his apartment. But with the rest of the week off, I won't disgrace my gypsy ancestors.

By the way, this'll be the fifth time I've moved since 2001. We'll see if those damn Feds can catch up with me....

So have the happiest of New Years....ah- 2000, that was a good one. I'll be making love amidst stacks of boxes and empty champagne bottles.

Monday, December 6

Ya buy me a soda and molest me in the parking lot

Howdy Ho! I have been working hard, my pets. So this morning, I'm taking a few minutes to write out Xmas cards (to clients), check my email and finally update this here blog.

First of all- saw The Pixies on Saturday in the most dangerous city in the US- Camden, NJ. I just have three words: In. Fucking. Credible. Anyone going to see them next week is in for a real treat.

Sidenote about the show: When they took the stage, everyone stood up and I couldn't see a damn thing since I'm only 5'2" (5'7" with the afro). So my man and I moved into the aisle- and we weren't the only ones. Eventually, "Event Staff" came by to scoot everyone back to their seats. Now, we were dubiously situated on the concrete in between the last seat and the actual carpeting of the aisle. And since the security guard was a big, black man and I wore a white t-shirt with no bra, I thought it'd be to our advantage if I "danced" around to the music. Needless to say, we were the only ones he didn't approach; so we got to stay put. My man leans down and said, "Good job, honey." Heh-heh.

Did some MAJOR shopping this weekend also. It really put me in the Christmas spirit. Right now, the tourists aren't even bothering me... A co-worker said she was in Micky D's here on 6th Avenue when a woman and her children got on line behind her. The woman said, in a Texan accent, "Wooo! I can't wait until we get to the slower part of town!" So that'd be what? Jersey?