Thursday, November 3


My husband watches a lot of football (I pretend to be interested). And he's head over heels about the new couch coinciding with the beginning of the season. His favorite team- Dallas Cowboys. Like most American Boys- his love for the team started with the cheerleaders, and just carried over into adulthood. Naturally, his all-time favorite player is Emmitt Smith. Apparently, he holds some sort of rushing record or something(again, pretending to be interested).

So I figure for our first real Christmas together (last year was spent packing to move), an ideal present would be a Cowboys Jersey #22...(men reading this are already snickering).

Cavalierly the search began, growing increasingly desperate by the day -not so easy to come by. And then I remembered an old standby- EBAY!!! Everthing's on Ebay!

In a week's time, I've been outbid five times (and not cheaply, either, I may add)!! Christ in a Codpiece! You'd think I was bidding on Jake Gyllenhaal's used panties!

With Mercury beginning it's retrograde, the time to act is now.

Yes, I'm into astrology big time. Which Monkey Woman at my job sternly warned our 18 year-old part-timer to, "Stay away from that realm." Interpreting the galaxy's movement is the work of the devil, I tells ya!

An-t-way, I bit the bullet and did a "pay now" for a solid hunny. And I didn't even blink. He'll wear it out.....just like I hope he does me after opening it :D


Anonymous Sarah Tune said...


Last night, I'm walking down broadway and I see a man, THREATENING passerbys. By what means you ask? A HOCKEY STICK. A Fuckin' HOCKEY STICK. I instantly think of you calling the police that night, so many years ago- about a man wondering through the parking lot with a hockey stick and you telling the police if they didn't show up soon, you were gonna have to protect the women in your office and KICK HIS ASS.
ahhhhh... memories....

12:31 PM  
Blogger Marietta Fortune said...

I wasn't even there, it wasn't me. You can't prove anything!

11:54 AM  

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