Wednesday, October 26

TV raised me, and I turned out TV...

After a HUGE ordeal, too mundane to go into (let's just say I don't love it at Levitz anymore), I'm finally receiving my new couch on Friday (Goddess willing)= dual recliner! It's so delicious, I can barely stand it! Why haven't I had one of these all along?

So all winter, my husband and I will have our asses parked on that sucker. Which works out very well, since there's been some pleasant surprises on the boob-tube lately. The Showbiz Show, My Name is Earl and the second season of The Office among them... And I really wish Everyone Hates Chris was better because I'll support Chris Rock in whatever he does.

Naturally, there are my old standby's: Arrested Development (stupid world series!), The Soup, Best Week Ever, Forensic Files (although sometimes I'm scared to walk through our dark apartment), The Daily Show and South Park.

The Colbert Report has good writing, but is that guy always on? He reminds me of this guy I knew, played Moonface Martin in our high school production of Anything Goes and has a stand-up career. It's like, you're funny and all but can't you be real for one minute? People like that have intimacy issues.

And my guilty pleasure: I Love the 80's 3D. It's funny (funny strange, not funny ha-ha) back then, I couldn't wait to grow up and out of that awkward teen-age phase; but now everything 80's is wonderful - especially the music. And I'm talking about those songs I heard over and over that I vowed that if I never heard them again, it wouldn't be soon enough. Why is that?

Friday, October 21

Quell Surprise

Just incase you were wondering, I totally turned into a Bridezilla the day of my wedding (up until arriving at the place).

I just can't stay cool under pressure. First of all, I'm WAY too emotional and secondly, I'm a perfectionist.

Opposite from the public defenders in "Murder on a Sunday Morning."

I can go on and on about how poignant and moving this film is- and I have the emails to prove it. Just see it. NOW!

Wednesday, October 19

It's okay to eat fish; they don't have any feelings

Three weeks at the new job and I'm already causing trouble..... One of the drawbacks to working in Ginny Central is everyone and their mother are Catholic. Not that I have a problem with that- you do you, ma- until a co-worker stands up and says, "Psychiatry is a bunch of bullshit. If you need answers, the lord has them."

Now, if you come to me with reports or medical journals discrediting psychaitry as a science, I may be inclined to listen.

Another co-worker, obviously in the midst of couch sessions herself, tried to argue that maybe God put those doctors here to help us. She wasn't having any of it.

So, just to be a pain in the ass, I asked, "Jill, you think we come from monkeys?" She scoffed at the prospect, "If we evolved from monkeys, there'd be no more monkeys." An argument I've heard before, but never provided with an opportunity to retort.

"There are different species of animals. Isn't it possible we evolved from different ones existing now?"

"No. There would just be no more monkeys." Nice come back.

So I ask, "Then what about fish and lizards?"

Right over her head, "What about fish and lizards?"

"Fish evolved into lizards and there are still fish."



So now my cell ringer is a chimp. Although, Jill laughs whenever it goes off. So I guess no hard feelings? Or she thinks I'm going to hell and that's funny.